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Death and the Dowager
by Richard Linley, © 2000 - 2007.

Date: 4 June 1940

Place: Billingsford Hall, London

World War II begins in earnest for Great Britain and her allies. As Dunkirk falls to the advancing German Army, the widowed matriarch of an aristocratic English household summons her large clan together for an important announcement. Though her son has inherited her late husband's title and the ancestral home, it is known that the dowager duchess has a great deal of personal wealth at her disposal, and several in attendance are hoping that the old lady intends to dispose of it in their direction.

Inevitable squabbles ensue between family members as the moment of the announcement draws near. Tempers flare, Greed rears its ugly head, and then...

Join Inspector Caldwell of the London Metropolitan Police as he attempts to unravel the web of mystery surrounding Death and the Dowager.

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