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Candidate for Death
by Richard Linley, © 2002.

Daniel Lowt, MP, has been a naughty boy. It seems the representative of the constituency of Middlebury Centre in Middlesex, England, was caught on the streets of London soliciting the services of a female undercover police constable! Some of his fellow members of the local Moderate Party Association are not at all pleased with Mr. Lowt. Besides, they have ambitions of their own, and since the Prime Minister has called a national election, they see an opportunity to push aside the disgraced incumbent and stand for the Moderates in his place.

A benefit dinner for the party faithful is hastily reconvened as a general meeting, and the rebels openly challenge Daniel Lowt in a contest for the candidacy. Political disagreement quickly degenerates into vindictive squabbling, and then Death makes a nomination of his own.

Join Inspector Guildhall of the Middlebury Constabulary as he explores the dark world of political intrigue and criminal intent in Candidate for Death.

Candidate for Death Action photo: Body in chalked outline.
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